The Blogagic Custom Flex Preloader

As I plan to publish several flex examples on this blog, I decided to start with the component you’ll probably see the most: the preloader!

You should already know very well the default Flex preloader since most of the available samples that can be found on blogs are still using it. To be honest, I was surprised that so many bloggers had no beautiful preloaders since I thought it would take me a few minutes to create my own. Hum… was I a little bit too optimistic? It took me much more!

I started, as usual, by searching on the web for something nice and flexible. I don’t think I found anything that convinced me (knowing that I didn’t want to integrate a Flash movie in my preloader). So, I took the one that was close to my expectations (coming from here) and started to tailor it a little bit.

Of course, after one hour and a half, while searching for another hint, I found another blog that did the same! I really liked the look that Chris obtained and .. I just copied it. The other very interesting thing done by Chris is a test application allowing to manually trigger the preloader, no need to embed big mp3 files anymore (e.g. the usual trick to slow down the preloading phase and be able to tune the result).

Anyway, let’s look at the result.

If it was too fast, or if you just want to see it again, press on the “Show Preloader” button to restart it.
You can also, of course, look at the code (right click and select ‘View source’) and use/customize it further for your own usage.

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