Enhanced trick to copy data from AdvancedDataGrid

Here’s a small enhancement to my trick to copy data from an AdvancedDataGrid.

My previous trick had a small drawback since selecting a row was also switching a cell to copy mode (read only edit mode).

With this enhanced version, you now have to double click in a cell to switch it to copy mode (using a non editable item editor from which you can copy data). This keeps a standard selection behavior.

Here’s the demo (with source code available):

A few words to highlight how to link the edition to double clicks only.

As you remember, I’m configuring the AdvancedDataGrid as editable and using a read only TextInput as an itemEditor to allow copying data. And now, I’m also allowing double clicks by setting the doubleClickEnabled property of the AdvancedDataGrid.

<mx:Component className="NonEditableTextInput">
    <mx:TextInput editable="false"
        selectionBeginIndex="0" selectionEndIndex="{text.length}"/>

<mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="Field" itemEditor="NonEditableTextInput"
    editable="true" doubleClickEnabled="true"/>

We still have to avoid the edition to be triggered when single clicking in a cell and my trick to achieve this is to use a third event: itemEditBegin (it is fired just before activating the itemEditor).

<mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn ...

The single and double click handlers just register the latest type of event received and, in the itemEditBeginhandler, we just have to check whether the previous received event was a single or a double click to decide if edition must be allowed or not.

private var doubleClicked:Boolean;

private function itemClickHandler(event:ListEvent):void {
    doubleClicked = false;
private function itemDoubleClickHandler(event:ListEvent):void {
    doubleClicked = true;
private function itemEditBeginHandler(event:AdvancedDataGridEvent):void {
    // If doubleClicked => allow edit
    // If not => do NOT edit

The last trick here is to know how to cancel the itemEditor activation on single click event. Once you know that the itemEditBegin event is a cancelable one, it should become obvious (if it’s not, you may be interested by my article on Advanced Events Management).

private function itemEditBeginHandler(event:AdvancedDataGridEvent):void {
    if (!doubleClicked)


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  1. toshe
    February 8th, 2011 at 20:34 | #1

    Thanks for the code.
    If the user has the focus in a TextInput but resizing the application makes the entire TextInput invisible the application throws exceptions.
    I added the following code to prevent this annoyning behaivour.


    It’s actually Flex SDK 4.1 error.
    I hope there is also a better workaround.

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  2. Jim
    July 4th, 2011 at 09:15 | #2

    Do you also have a spark version (flex 4)?

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